The Netherlands Dans Theater(NDT) is one of the world’s most contemporary dance troupes led by choreographer Paul Lightfoot. The Dutch dance theater is based in the Hague, but annually serves over 150,000 audiences in Europe, America, Asia and Australia. Since its founding in 1959, this rebellious and pioneering dancer has been a great choreographer of Iridilian, Hans van Mannen, Solon, resident choreographer Paul Lightfoot, Crystal Fight, a subchord like Marco Gogke, and Johan Inger, He has more than 650 works by famous guest choreographers such as Kee, Alexander Eckmann, Gabriela Karizo, François Chertier, Hofse Schutter, Edward Klug, Sharon Yal and Guy Behr.


In 1978, NDT established a second dance company to provide young talent to major dance companies. During the three-year period NDT 2 trained 16 dancers trained in classical ballet to be active in NDT1. If NDT1 gives dancers the opportunity to develop their own artistic personality, NDT 2, the second dancer, will be known as Marco Göke, Alexander Eckman, Edward Klug, Emre Van Obstal and Marne van Obstal We present various works of choreographers and new choreographers. One of the goals of NDT 2 is to provide dancers with dance vocabularies. Working with a new choreographer, dancers have the opportunity to quickly respond to a variety of dance languages, techniques and work styles.

The Hague, where the NDT headquarters is located, creates an environment where all of this is a breeding ground for art, and constantly advances, contributing new energy to contemporary dances abroad as well as the Netherlands.


Place : Seoul ARTs Center (Opera Theater)

Dates : 2018. October. 19 ~ 21 (19/20 – 7:30 / 21 – 15:00)