The Zena Holloway’s ‘the Water Babies’ Exhibition in Korea(Cheonan-si) was finished, but it was very impressive.

Zena Holloway has photographed Olympians, sports personalities, singers and songwriters as well as newborn babies, indigenous peoples and creatures of all shapes and sizes – both marine and terrestrial.
Born in Bahrain and raised between London and pretty much everywhere else in the world, she went on her first dive in England as a teenager. Charmed by the magic of the underwater world, she began experimenting with a camera and decided to chart her own course in an ultra-niche profession. Nobody showed her the ropes; she taught herself.
Her most recent projects, such as Seawomen and Matchstick Men, look at the deep emotional connection people have to oceans, lakes and waterways. Her images reflect darker emotions as well as feelings of happiness and calm that being near and around water can inspire.

Zena lives on the outskirts of London with her husband and three young children in a converted Ministry of Defence underground torpedo-testing centre. When she’s not underwater taking pictures, she can often be found cycling with the kids to school through Bushy Park or outside feeding their Chalk Hill Blue hens.  [zena holloway’ homepage]

Zena Holloway’s works