Seoul Arirang Festival

As our proud cultural heritage, Arirang was listed as the UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage on Dec. 5, 2012, Arirang was not a simple folk song any more and we found how important cultural heritage Arirang is and it has brought all of us cultural pride and heartfelt touching.

To commemorate the 1st anniversary of listing of Arirang as the UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage, the Seoul Metropolitan Government and a non-profit organization, Seoul Arirang Festival Organizing Committee held ‘Seoul Arirang Festival’ focused on “Arirang” in Oct. 2013 to enjoy our traditional culture and art to the fullest.

Personally experience our songs and culture and fully enjoy our culture at Seoul Arirang Festival held in every Oct. at Gwanghwamun Plaza where the history and culture coexist.

  • DATE : Oct, 12~14th. 2018
  • PLACE : Gwanghwamun Square, Seoul
  • HOST : Seoul Metropolitan City · Seoul Arirang Festival Organization
  • SPONSORSHIP : Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism · Arts Council Korea · Crown Haitai Confectionery & Foods

Seoul Arirang Festival (1)Seoul Arirang Festival (2)Seoul Arirang Festival (3)

Main Contents of the Festival

  1. Opening Concert : The Opening Concert will be the gateway to open the main door of Seoul Arirang Festival which offers opportunities to get audiences together to enjoy listening song of a year.
    As always pursuing freshness based on traditional music, it will be a venue sharing Arirang together with people around the world and embracing the cultural tradition of other nations.
  2. Gwanghwamun Music Festival : Festival inside a festival that will fill out the center of the Seoul with young fever.
    ‘Gwanghwamun Music Festival’ is a stage where each musician and bands sing a modern Arirang and their own songs, in which the young and the old will be bound as one.
  3. Pan-Nori Gil-Nori (Arirang Parade) : Pan-Nori Gil-Nori is the Korean-style parade that takes place on the road blocking both ends of the road.
    It is kind of that mess where there is no main or no audience and regardless of how good or bad they are.
    As using Gwanghwamun square as ‘Pan’, people sing Arirang together and play the instrument and marching hand in hand with others with dancing on the ‘Playground’.
  4. Korea Traditional Performing Arts : Too Performing Arts Stage in Gwanghwamun Square, ‘Korea Traditional Performing Arts’ Will open,
    where the traditional artists perform folk music, tightrope walking, traditional plays and mask dances.
    Visitors can feel the essence of Korean traditional arts and share the spirit of Seoul Arirang Festival by watching and interacting with many traditions.
  5. Youth Korea Traditional Music Incubating : The great stage takes place by young people who love music and have talent and passion with Korea Traditional Music.
  6. Gwanghwamun Music Picnic : This is a stage for new artists who want to communicate with people though music without asking of genre like Korean traditional music, Popular music, Classical music, etc. at the festival.
  7. Exciting Gugak Trip
  8. Blossom of Young Artists : It is a youth Korean traditional musician incubating project to find and support young Korean traditional music artists with a talent and skill. During the month of August, 4 teams out of 15 teams will be selected as excellent artists and at Seoul Arirang Festival 2018, 4 teams will have a spirited competition to be “The artist of the year.”
  9. Experience program : In this program, a family with children can play and create a small object with which they can also take part in Pan-Nori Gil-Nori.
  10. Special Exhibition

Seoul Arirang Festival (12)Seoul Arirang Festival (2)

Closing Ceremony Seoul Arirang Festival, which will be held for 3 days at Gwanghwamun Square, will end at the end of the celebrations and the 6th Arirang Competition.