This time we will be taking a trip to E-world in Daegu, Korea.

Daegu is a city of Youth that shines with its colorful and miscellaneous charm.

83 (Daegu) Tower

First, take a moment and look at the 83 Tower, the landmark of Daegu in E-World!

From 83 Tower, you can entirely overlook the downtown Daegu.  

While enjoying the nightscape of Daegu, why don’t you take a stroll with your sweetheart or family under the radiant lights?   


E-world is a colorful park decorated with numerous sculptures, flowers, and blossoms; they even hold many events to entertain their visitors.

  Duryu Park, Seongdangmot Pond Quick

What a glorious view of mother nature, isn’t it?! A park that you see right beside E-World is called Duryu Park, and the pond you see right on the edge of the park is called Seongdangmot.

It is an excellent (a perfect) place to rent and ride a bike or take a stroll with your family and sweetheart.

Every Summer, Daegu Duryu park hosts Chicken & Beer (ChiMaek) Festival.

You can find out more about the house by watching the video.

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