Camp Humphreys, where USKF is based on. In front of the walk-in gate, there is Anjeong Rodeo Street.

This commercial area in front of Camp Humphreys goes back as far as the Korean War.

Here right on this shopping street, we have a variety of things to see and to do.

As it went through the hardships of Korea together, now this area has developed into a place where it symbolizes alliance and communication.

On this street we have:

Currency exchange stores

Restaurants that sell kebab, homemade burgers, Vietnamese noodles and etc.

A shop where you can purchase party outfits and shoes

Cafés, nail salons, hair salons, spas, jewelry shops, computer repair stores, optical shops.

And we also have pubs and clubs so it is great for enjoying the nightlife.

Also, there is a local market open in every 5 days where you can purchase fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables.

In our Anjeong Rodeo Street, here you can find an ‘Artist Square’.

Centering around the street, a number of festivals takes place such as ‘Korean-American Friendship Festival’, ‘MATO Festival’ and the Halloween Festival.

When the Covid-19 stabilizes, we hope that there will be once again a lot of cultural festivals that will work as a bridge between USFK and the locals.

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