Jeongdongjin, A Most Famous and Beautiful Sunrise Spot!

Jeongdongjin, the most suitable place to enjoy the sunrise in the New Year in Korea!

This location, boasting their fabulous beach and convenient accessibility, provides outstanding sunrise views and other various experiences to you.

Are you ready to go on a winter sea trip to Jeongdongjin?!

  • Site Introduction & Location

The name, Jeongdongjin, started because this place is located directly east of Hanyang (now Seoul), where the kings resided during the Joseon Dynasty.

Jeongdongjin is a very famous and hot spot crowded all year round with many tourists who want to observe the sunrise.   

Jeongdongjin, famous for its lovely beach and romantic night scenery, is an excellent location for lovebirds to connect and pledge their love.

Jeongdongjin Station is listed as the closest station to the beach in the Guinness Book World Records. You can easily reach the sea if you utilize Mugunghwa or KTX train from Seoul and Mugunghwa train from Daegu or Busan. 

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