The most suitable experience site and playground for your children and your pet, the Anseong Farmland! 

Anseong Farmland is a place of healing and relaxing for adults and it is located in the south of Gyeonggi-do province.

It takes only about an hour from Seoul and 30 minutes from USAG Humphreys if you drive. Being so near, don’t you think it is a suitable spot for a single day tour with your family or friends? 

Anseong Farmland! A place where you can cuddle, pet, or feed the animals, and you will even learn to appreciate the life of every living being.  Your mind and body will cherish the appreciation of nature when you are having fun with the adorable animals on the open meadow. The admission fee to our Farmland is 10,000 won for children and 2,000 won for adults.  You can receive various different discounts like Pyeontaek residents’ discounts, returning customer discounts, and even more discounts available depends on your credit card company.  Farmland even gives 2,000 won discount for U.S. servicemember only.  Anseong Farmland opens at 10 am and closes at 6 pm. Please have it mind that we close at 5 pm in December and January.

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