Humphreys Landing – Attractive Gated community near USAG Humphreys

We will be introducing the Humphreys Landing, a palatial residential area from a drama.

A specific house that introduced in a popular drama is actually a clubhouse (aka community center) for the residences of this community. 

The Humphreys Landing is a gated community (aka limited non-residential access development). This prestigious residential community is built with distinct American style design; for example, astounding top-notch security system, building plan, and community layout.

This prestigious community is equipped with a club house, fitness center, pool, walking trail, playground, party area, as well as security office; all the maintenance and management are systematized and reserved for the residents of this community. 

This community located in Deokmok-ri Anjung-eup Pyeongtaek-si Gyeonggi-do.
They are planned to build a total of 71x 2 story high residences in 12,000 Pyeong.

This high-class community is 7 minutes from Hamjeong-ri gate and 13 minutes’ drive from Dodu-ri gate of USAG Humphreys

We will now introduce you to the actual houses.

There are two different sizes and layouts of 2 story high residences in Humphreys Landing; one with 37 Pyeong(1,317 sq. ft) and other with 60 Pyeong(2,137 sq. ft). The management is planned to have some bigger homes built on Humphreys Landing.

Now we will be introducing the residence with 37 Pyeong(1,317 sq.ft.).

37 Pyeong size residences have a shared yard that is nicely decorated and these residences are enriched with various colors.

Furthermore, there are a garage and back yard that is located on the backside of the residence.

Humphreys Landing – Type A

(a) Type of House : 2-story single house

(b) Size(House) : 1,317 sq.ft. (37pyeong[평])

(c) Room : 2, Bath : 2 (1 tub)

(d) Parking space : 2

Next, we will be introducing the 60 pyeong(2,135 sq.ft.) size residence.

This 60 Pyeong size residence is built on 80 Pyeong size land and has a huge front yard.

It has a total of 3 parking spaces, 2 inside and 1 outside of the garage.

Also, it has 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, living room, kitchen, and laundry room.

Humphreys Landing – Type B

(a) Type of House : 2-story single house

(b) Size(House) : 2,134sq.ft. (60평)

(c) Room : 4, Bath : 3 (2 tub)

(d) Parking space : 2

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