Pyeongtaek Lake Tourist Site – the river and sea meets together to create an astonishing view.

This time, we will be introducing a site, where everyone can visit to get away from your daily worries.

You can enjoy the astonishing scenery of lake and ocean altogether from just this site, the ‘Pyeongtaek Lake Tourist Site’.

This Pyeongtaek Lake Site is established on the west coast of Korea.
It takes approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes-drive from Seoul and only 20 minutes-drive from USAG Humphreys.  

Yet, it takes one and a half hours if you ride a bicycle or public bus. Did we mention that there is plenty of free parking spaces available on this site?

Pyeongtaek grew to be one of the hub cities in Northeast Asia ever since they opened the Pyeongtaek Port and Seohae Bridge. Beautiful man-made ‘Pyeongtaek lake’ and tourist site are constructed right beside the Pyeongtaek port and Seohae bridge.       

This site has so many entertainments available for you to enjoy during your weekend (free-time).

You can find out more about the place by watching the video.

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