♦ Introduction of Drone Program

Drone experience
Jung-ang Unmanned Air Defense Training Institute Co., Ltd.

  • Would you like an exciting experience?
  • Learn from the basics from a professional instructor at a drone education institution.
  • The Jung-ang Unmanned Aviation Education Center Co., Ltd. fills you with fun and skills until you acquire a global certification.

♦ Introduction of institution

As a drone flight training center located in Asan, the largest scale in Chungnam, an indoor training place of 80 pyeong(264 square meter) and a practical training facility of 3,000 pyeong(9,917 square meter) are located in one place, providing comfortable and convenient educational services to trainees.

Educational equipment is Korea’s first agricultural/industrial drone manufactured by Cascom Co., Ltd., a domestic agricultural/industrial drone manufactured by SG Korea Samgong, and DJI’s agricultural/industrial drone. You can experience flying with a variety of aircraft.

Currently, Jung-ang Unmanned Air Defense Co., Ltd. operates a division of prevention, quarantine, sales, filming, maintenance, education (after school classes) in parallel for retirees, freelancers, long-term volunteers, job seekers, young entrepreneurs and farm successors. In addition to providing guidance on various experiences and career paths, we provide technical support as a business partner, network support for pilots produced by this training center, and various backgrounds.

♦ Facility Information
*Indoor training center and convenience facilities

The best educational convenience is provided by providing a spacious and comfortable classroom and rest space, and a PC and simulator for each trainee.

* Practical training room
The indoor and practical training centers are located in one place, so the convenience of education is excellent, and 3 practical flight courses are operated on an area of ​​about 3,000 pyeong(9,917 square meter).

♦ Curriculum

  • Drone experience(one day course)
    Jung-ang Unmanned Air Defense Training Institute Co., Ltd.


Under the supervision of an instructor, those with excellent flight skills are permitted the flight of class 1 aircraft and receive a reward for training drone.
  • National Certificate Course
    *** Contact ***
  • Ultralight flying device(Drone_unmanned multicopter) pilot course
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  • Instructor practice (leader pilot) course
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  • Ultralight aircraft unmanned multicopter practical evaluation instructor course
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  • Maintenance training course
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♦ Instructor

Republic of Korea Air Force

Korea Aviation University of Korea

Acquisition of Drone pilot (leader pilot) qualification

♦ Address
Jung-ang Unmanned Aviation Education Center:
554, Gobul-ro, Baebang-eup, Asan-si, Chungcheongnam-do
275-2, Sinheung-ri, Baebang-eup, Asan-si, Chungcheongnam-do

충청남도 아산시 배방읍 고불로 554
충청남도 아산시 배방읍 신흥리 275-2

Directions/ Parking Information

30 minutes from Camp Humphreys and Osan Air Base

Use Waze to drive to the drone institution: https://waze.com/ul/hwyd2gpg06

♦ Phone Number(Korean): 82) 041-546-0100

♦ Booking
Tell us your name / phone number / gender / age group / date you want to make a reservation / number of people.

♦ Website(Korean): https://droneduc.co.kr/

♦ Operation is possible when recruiting minimum 4 people and maximum 8 people / Operation may be restricted depending on holidays and weather conditions.

♦ Participation fee: $99 per person (JULY ONLY) Regular Price $109
($10 discount per person when accompanied by family or acquaintances)

Payment available
* Pay with Paypal or Visa/Mastercard/AMEX at the bottom below
* Korean currency available ONLY on site with cash

US Military Discount Information: $89 for JULY ONLY
Reservation discount of more than 3 people: $85each

Postponed participation date
If you are unable to participate on the day, participation will be postponed. Please note that refunds are not possible after postponement.

Participation delays are possible within 3 months of the scheduled participation date.

Etiquette in education center
Please refrain from smoking.
Please refrain from speaking loudly.
Dangerous flight is prohibited during pilot training.
Infant/pet care is not possible.

Dress guide
All you need is clothes that are comfortable.

Contact Rick(English) 82)010-6836-5430
(Please call us if you have any questions!)

* Individual booking required for all people

Pick an event on the calendar:

* Make sure to pay after booking to complete the process

July Special


  • Full Price $109

US Military Discount


  • US Military Personnel and their acquaintance(s)

Group Discount


  • Must be purchased minimum 3 at a time