When I’m in the Baebang area of Asan, this is always high on my list of places to eat at. I first discovered Jayeonae Kongbat when I was working as an English teacher, and we decided to go here for our work dinner. At that time, I was transitioning to a vegetarian, and it wasn’t easy to find restaurants in this area where I was able to eat more than just a few of the side dishes. 

Tofu cutlet comes with a pork cutlet

Upon request they would switch out the pork cutlet for a tofu cutlet. I am less strict about my eating habits when I’m out with friends and family these days, so I didn’t ask for the modified menu this time around. 

At night this place is packed so come early

This tofu restaurant has plenty of posters on the walls explaining all the health benefits of soy and tofu. It does help to know a little bit of Korean, but if not a good translator app such as Papago or Google translate will suffice. All the tofu is made by the restaurant, so you know that you are getting a high-quality product. They even offer free tofu curd to take home (which is often sold out so come early).

all 3 meals plus side dishes

Tofu often gets a bad rap in western countries as being too bland or people just have no idea how to cook it. At Jayeonae Kongbat there is no shortage of options to try, and you will surely find something that you enjoy. The three dishes that we ordered were the tofu cutlet, bean curd stew and soft tofu stew with grinded sesame seeds. 

So delicious, nothing left on the plate

It’s not just the main dishes here that are delicious but also all the side-dishes (which are unlimited at the self-serve bar). A little tip to enjoy the tofu that is served with the side-dishes is to eat together with the fried kimchi. This combination tastes so good together. They also offer free kong-mul (a soybean drink) and tofu snacks are available for purchase to take home.

Self-serve kong-mul (soybean drink)

How to get to Jayeonae Kongbat Restaurant:

Use Waze to drive to Jayeonae Kongbat: https://waze.com/ul/hwyd35nug5

Address: 충남 아산시 배방읍 배방로14번길 18-4

         18-4, Baebang-ro14beon-gil, Baebang-eup, Asan-si, Chungnam

Opening hours: 11:00 – 21:30 (Mon-Sun)