I first saw a glimpse of this reservoir when we were on the bus going to my father-in-law’s funeral. There was this big lake with houseboats and a nice stretch of road alongside it which took my mind off for a few moments on what was a very sad day. “I really wanted to visit here one day,” I thought to myself. Well 3 years later we finally visited this place after watching a video on the Live it! Korea YouTube channel. 

My wife and I set off from her hometown to go visit Yedangho, which is the largest water reservoir in South Korea. My wife grew up only 20 minutes away, but she had never visited. Yedangho is located near Yesan city, about 1 hour from Pyeongtaek. We arrived on a cold and rainy day but had some work to do. So, we parked away from the main tourist area and did some work in our camping car. 

The next morning, we moved around near the suspension bridge. Got an early morning walk in with our dogs around the statue park at the top of the hill. It was still a bit wet out but also a nice quiet morning. Once the weather cleared up and we had a bite to eat, we had a look around.

Near the entrance of the bridge there is a box with these ‘Yesan Stamp Tour’ pamphlets (also available at the information center). I thought these were just for children, but when I realized that you could receive a gift for a minimum of 4 stamps, this will be fun. Now we had a mission to go to more places we’ve never been before.

We went for a walk over the huge suspension bridge. At 402m long it is the longest suspension bridge in South Korea, wow! If you think it looks good during the day, you should stick around for the night as well. At night there is a laser light show and the bridge is lit up with colorful LED lights – not to be missed. Be sure to get here early to get a good spot, I recommend being on the bridge. This was the highlight of our visit to Yedangho.

In the car park there are food trucks which offer coffee, hot dogs, steamed corn and ice-cream plus loads more. On both sides of the bridge there are stalls that sell local foods such as apple juice, mushrooms and watermelons. The tourist area has cafes, restaurants, motels and a convenience store.

We stayed here for the night and having our first stamp we moved onto our next destination in the morning. For that you’ll have to stay tuned and keep a lookout for my next posting – Part 2.

Yedangho address: 39 Husa-ri, Eunbong-myeon, Yesan-gun, Chungcheongnam-do 

Waze directions to Yedangho:


Written by Jimmy Renz

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