Welcome to part 2 of my Yesan stamp tour blog. If you didn’t catch part one check it out here. Once you’ve finished reading that, feel free to continue reading on here.

We left Yedangho early Saturday morning before the crowds of tourists rolled in, (not because we don’t like crowds but because we are traveling with one very noisy dog) and made our way to “Slow City” for our 2ndstamp tour stop. Only about a 10-minute drive away. We didn’t stay here long but had a good look around between the car park and the Snail Art Museum. Just outside the museum is the stamp box. We were hungry and hadn’t eaten yet, so we skipped having a look inside.

Snail Art Museum

The walls around this village had many artworks on them. Where we parked the car had some good artwork too and some giant swings, but there were already children playing on them so I had to give it a miss this time around. On that note we moved on to the Yesan Stork Park. On the way we stopped in at Gwangsi-myeon to pick up some groceries and a bite to eat. I had the Corn bread and some rice cakes, while my wife had some steamed corn.

We arrived in the middle of the day to Yesan Stork Park and rested in our campervan till later in the afternoon to go explore and get our last 2 stamps needed to receive our gifts. The park was rather large and had lots of different areas to explore, there was a children’s playground, treehouses, the stork enclosure, and other educational things around the park. Once it had cooled down, we went exploring for those stamps.

The first one we found in the main building at the front desk. The lady told us after we get the second stamp to come back and she will give us a gift. Inside the building there is a theatre to watch a video about storks and a large display. Just outside, you can find the enclosures for the storks. These birds are tall, they grow to about 120cm. If you walk past the storks and up around the path, there you can find the stork statue and the 2ndstamp box.

Now we’ve got 4 stamps we can get a gift. We went back to the main building and were given the options of a mug, a lantern, or a pouch. I snatched up the mug, and my wife picked up the lantern. My mug has 2 storks on it, every time I enjoy my brew of the day, I’ll be reminded of how much fun I had on this Yesan stamp tour. As it only started as a stop at Yendangho, I never knew I would visit all these other places.

For me, I like to take my time and visit places slowly but if you only have a day or two to spare, then you can also complete this Yesan Stamp Tour and receive a gift. There are another 4 places to add to this stamp tour on the other side of Yesan. The more stamps you get, the more gifts you can receive. Maybe sometime in the future I will also make it to these destinations.

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