Oeam Folk Village

I often visit Oeam Folk Village in Asan. This is because the temple stay experience is being held at Songamsa Temple located at the end of the folk village.

Every time when I visit here, the seasons are different and the weather is changing, so I get different impressions of the place. This time when I visited the folk village again, lotus flowers were preparing to bloom at the entrance of Oeam Folk Village. It’s much refreshing to see it in person on the spot!

As you walk through the folk village, you will come across fields of sunflowers. Be sure to stop by in July when the sunflowers are in full bloom to get the best enjoyment out of them.

Even though I visited here before its full bloom, I was very impressed with how refreshing the combination of green and yellow could be in hot summer day.

About 60 households and 200 residents are still living in Oeam Folk Village . People are living the present life while preserving the appearance of the old Korean houses of thatched and tiled houses made of straws and dirt.

Unlike other folk villages where only traces of the past can be seen, it is a place where you can feel the vitality of life on going.

Isn’t the look of the toilet in a folk village so cool? It is a public toilet installed in an old Korean-style house.

I saw this and couldn’t stop taking pictures.

If you are lucky on your visit, you can experience Korean tea culture together at the Oeam Folk Village with sitting in the space of an old Korean house.

I like to drink tea, but drinking tea in a place with a traditional way is an another level of feeling from drinking tea at home. If you are a tea person like me, I highly recommend to experience this!

Another fun part of visiting Oeam Folk Village is to try the most delicious Korean rice cake, Injeolmi. Here, you can not only watch the process of making rice cakes, but also enjoy a delicious cup of injeolmi.

Isn’t it important to try new food when visiting a new place? Try the slightly sweet and savory Injeolmi. Trying Injeolmi here at the Oeam Folk Village always makes me so happy.

If you walk up to the end of Oeam Folk Village, there is a temple called Songamsa.

We are conducting a one day temple stay experience activity here. If you would like to experience temple stay with your friends, family or yourself alone with other people, please find more information at the link below. Those who come to temple stay can tour the Oeam Folk Village with us.

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