Have you ever been to Yeongwol, Gangwon-do?

This is a place surrounded by beautiful nature with amazing mountains in the background no matter where you stand and take photos.

I visited Yeongwol Market to try famous local foods made with buckwheat!

When you enter the market, there are a line of vendors selling the same buckwheat menu next to each others. After looking around once, you can sit in a place you like.

I sat in the space of a kind-hearted grandmother who greeted me hello in English.

If you come here, you must try the buckwheat pancake. Buckwheat pancake is pan-fried in a nice looking shape with regular kimchi and white kimchi.

Here you can also try noodles with a very unique name and shape called tadpole noodles. It was named because the round, short noodles made of corn starch look like tadpoles.

If you are familiar with Western style food, this noodle served with kimchi and seaweed will be a very special experience. I tried the tadpole noodle out of curiosity, and I was well satisfied.

The food I recommend the most is this Buckwheat Jeonbyeong. The harmonious taste of sweet potato noodle and kimchi in this rolled buckwheat pancake was personally the most delicious, so everyone should try this! I’ve ordered two more!

The owner grandmother made buckwheat jeonbyeong (rolled pancake), one every minute. Watching her cooking right in front of my eyes was another delight.

Yeongwol Seobu Market, Gangwon-do

Come to Yeongwol to taste buckwheat pancakes and tadpole noodles!