Jinhae Gunhangje is one of the most famous cherry blossom festival in Korea.

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The world’s largest cherry blossom festival “Jinhae Gunpot Festival” will be held from April 1 to October 10, 2018. Major events such as the eve of the day at the Jungwon Rotary, the Faldo Folk Art Market, and the arts and cultural performances are held. At the Bukwon Rotary, there is a Buddhist priest, a memorial ceremony, and a parade on parade. The ‘Military Music Festival Festival’, which takes advantage of the characteristics of the port city, is held during the festival, and the military performing arts festivals with the military music and the chair are performed. It is a performance.

The Naval Academy, Naval Academy, and Naval Base, which are usually difficult to access, are a must-see place during the naval service period. Visitors can enjoy a variety of activities such as visiting the Naval City School Museum and the Turtle Ship, revealing traps, photographing, wearing naval suits, You can enjoy the splendid cherry blossoms of Yoshino cherry tree over 100 years together with the aspect of our naval base. In April, Chinhae is the center of all cherry blossoms. The pure white cherry blossom tunnel is also fantastic, but the flower bloom that falls all at once is also romantic. The flower stream of 1.5km and the flower stream of 800m in Kyeonghwa Station which bloomed are the peak of Chinhae cherry blossom which is bloomed in the railway of Chinhae cherry tree. , You can take a look at the scenery of a small, calm city with modern buildings and Jinhae cherry blossoms 100 years ago, centering on the 8th street of Chungwon Rotary. (source : http://korean.visitkorea.or.kr/kor/bz15/where/festival/festival.jsp?cid=523079)